1. Old Mill Town

From the recording Saving the Republic

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Old Mill Town

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9. Old Mill Town 4:10
music and lyrics by Ernest Troost

I’s born and raised on the mountain
I fished its lakes and streams
But I left that hard-scrabble life behind
To chase my schoolboy dreams

Well, I found myself in the city
Where the buildings tear at the sky
Brick and steel will serve a man
Or bury him alive

When the time comes I’ll be willin’
To lay this tired body down
I will rest close by the river
In the shadow of this old mill town

I miss that high mountain holler
The snow driftin’ down through the trees
Six days a week we labor
On the seventh we’re on our knees

I walk to my shift in the evening
These old shoes know the way
Well, I traded all the hopes I had
For work and steady pay


There ain’t no chains holdin’ me
Least none that I can see
Well, I’ll work on till I’m weary
And death will set me free


Ernest Troost, vocals, guitars, mandolin, bass, percussion