1. Cold Trail

From the recording Saving the Republic

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Cold Trail

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5. Cold Trail 3:27
music and lyrics by Ernest Troost

It’s cold out here on the flatlands
It’s cold up on this ridge
Please don’t stay on my tail
I’m a cold trail

The snow falls deep up in this pass
Lover’s dreams freeze up fast
Don’t think your love can prevail
I’m a cold trail
I’m a cold trail

You can search the steep Sierra grades
You can climb atop the high Cascades
You can search along the frozen creeks
But you’ll not find what you seek

The air gets thin on this high plateau
Love stumbles here and its heartbeat slows
You come on strong, but you’ll end up frail
‘Cause I’m a cold trail

The wind blows ‘cross this sheer cliff face
Love can’t hold on, gives up this chase
Around this fire it’s an oft-told tale
I’m a cold trail
I’m a cold trail

Ernest Troost, vocals, guitars, pump organ, bass, tambourine
Gary Ferguson, drums