From the recording Saving the Republic

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This Will Pass Away

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4. This Will Pass Away 3:28
music and lyrics by Ernest Troost

One man shoots and another man falls
The cops push the crowd up against the wall
The clouds are dark and the sky goes grey
But, this will pass away

The TV’s screamin’ there’s blood in the street
Loaves and fishes goin’ bad in the heat
The camera zooms and cuts to the beat
But, this will pass away

Yeah, this will pass away
This will pass away
As sure as mornin’ brings the day
This will pass away

Out of the darkness voices rise
One man’s truth is another man’s lies
Hold up a torch and light the skies
So this will pass away

One is shoutin’ the end is near
Whippin’ up all the hate and fear
A young girl whispers his feet are clay
And this will pass away


Bless us all with your grace
Mornin’ rains wash this place
Bow down your heads and pray
This will pass away


Ernest Troost, vocals, guitars, bass, pump organ, pandemic brass
Nicole Gordon, harmony
Gary Ferguson, drums