From the recording Saving the Republic

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Feathers and Bones

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1. Feathers and Bones 3:45
music and lyrics by Ernest Troost

I was born in the belly of a raging flood
Under ten feet of water and seven feet of mud
And the first thing I saw was a tremblin’ sky
Momma said I was the tear in the hurricane’s eye

She said you got the gift, but the price is high
You’ll live a solitary life till the day you die

You can find me most any night
When the cold north wind moans
Tellin’ fortunes on the street
Readin’ feathers and bones

I can throw you a spell that’ll tear you apart
Or with just one touch I can mend your heart
I turn coal into diamonds and copper into gold
But I’d trade it in a second for someone to hold


Then I met her one night on a storm-bound train
And we rode out in the open with the thunder and the rain
She said, our future’s not fixed, that much is true
How it all unfolds is up to me and you

So, we blew out of town on that blizzard’s back
Took our potions and our charms in a brown paper sack

And all we left behind
With those cold north wind moans
Blown and scattered down the street
Were those old feathers and bones

Ernest Troost, vocals, guitars, mandolin, pump organ, percussion