7. Simple Song 4:42
music and lyrics by Ernest Troost

It’s just a simple song, gathered words and rhymes
Like kindlin’ waiting on a flame
It’s a cold, hard hurt, in a few lines
He shivers with the grief and the blame

It’s just a simple house she made into a home
Her sewing box still waits upon a chair
Outside the trees stand naked as a poem
He turns and smells her perfume in the air

Sometimes the river will run high
And sometimes it floods the lower fields
Some things you mend with a practiced eye
And some things only time can heal

It’s just a simple love like the buttons on his shirt
She sewed her favorites there, near his heart
Button up, she’d say, so the wind won’t hurt
It might be homespun, but it might be art


Just this simple truth he’s trying to get past
She slipped away before her name was called
Well, he’d wrapped his arms around her
And tried to hold her fast
But the leaves began to rattle and to fall

With just a simple strum across the strings
Sparks begin to fly into the air
The fire’s warmth surrounds him, as he begins to sing
A simple song that’s something like a prayer


Ernest Troost, vocal, guitars, bass, pump organ
Gary Ferguson, drums