From the recording Resurrection Blues

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Blackwater River

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10. Blackwater River

Everybody knows about the Blackwater River
Everybody’s heard what they say
Nobody ever tryin' to cross that water
Lived to see another day

Earl's the kind of boy who just don’t listen
They say he’s always been that way
Earl’s got a head as hard as timber
But he weren’t born yesterday

I’m gonna leave this dirt-poor valley
If it’s the last thing I do
I know there’s something better out there for me
And I’m gonna prove it to you

Well, Earl stood up to his chin in the current
With the fear clutchin’ at his heart
His momma was cryin’ when they kissed goodbye
He said tonight it’s time for us to part

Why you gotta try when it’s black as a kettle
And the moon is howlin’ for a toll
A cottonmouth breeze is a-windin’ through the thicket
And it’s lookin’ ‘round for a soul


The townfolks watched from the bank of the river
As the poor boy struggled and strained
Somebody whispered, it don’t matter
He ain’t never gonna catch that train

Just then a rumble of a thunder in the distance
And a great white lightnin’ crack
On the far side Earl pulled himself from the water
And they say that he never looked back

chorus two times

Ernest Troost: vocals, guitar, tambourine, claps, foot stomps