From the recording Resurrection Blues

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My Baby Loves Me

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7. My Baby Loves Me

My baby love me like no other lover do
And when she squeezes me, the sky blushes blue
Nobody’s arms never ever felt so right
She makes the moon forget to turn out its light

And when the band starts playin'
We hit the floor
And when the joint starts jumpin’
We yell for more
I’m under her spell, but this ain’t no voodoo
My baby love me like no other lover do

My baby’s touch is as gentle as a breeze
And when she's kissing me, I go weak at the knees
Nobody never ever treated me this way
She whispers sweet things in my ear throughout the day


Ernest Troost: vocals, guitar, bass
Scott Higgins: brushes, tambourine
Don Markese: clarinet