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Resurrection Blues

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3. Resurrection Blues

Sittin’ in the dark, watchin' for a sign
My thoughts can hardly keep up with my restless mind
I’ve seen my future and my world has come undone
My gears are broken and my springs have sprung
I’ve slipped between the cracks of night and day
Into the twilight where the flickering pictures play

I got sand in my pockets and stones in my shoes
Play me some of those
Play me some of those old resurrection blues

Well, I wonder how it all came to pass
How it all slipped through my fingers so fast
I could have been somebody if I was somebody else
Instead I’m nobody but myself

I got criminal blood coursin’ through my veins
I got addictive tendencies circlin’ my brain
Waitin’ like a pack of wolves till I let down my guard
I’m doing my best, but I’m breathin’ hard


Well, playin’ these blues will steal your health
But if God made anything better, well, he kept it for himself
There is no redemption, there is no sin
I’m just prayin’ for a way out of this hole I’m in

I rise up from the ashes of this noonday matinee
Blinkin’ hard in the bright flat sun of the day
I leave the easy money in the basket by the door
I can’t ever remember feelin’ so clean before

I got the past in my pockets and the future's in my shoes
Playin' some of those
Playin' some of those old resurrection blues

Ernest Troost: vocals, guitar, bass, mandolin, shaker