1. Dark Days

From the recording Resurrection Blues

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Dark Days

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2. Dark Days

There are pieces of me in here
There are bits I left back there
There’s a home I cannot embrace
From beneath this shroud

There’s a scrap of chest laid still
Decorated against my will
How did things ever get this far?
How could I not see?


These are dark days
Revealed in dark ways
Dark lies and darker truths
When did darkness fall?
When did darkness fall?

Is that a movement I can feel?
Is that a crack the light reveals?
If I could only touch you once
With these shards of bone

There’s a crushed and gruesome grin
A swollen eye, a stubborn chin
But there remains the weight of grief
Above this soil


There’s no hill I cannot take
There’s no man I cannot break
There’s no thing I will not do
Just say the word


Ernest Troost: vocals, guitar, bass, mandolin, shaker
Nicole Gordon: vocals
Richard Greene: fiddle