1. Hellbound

From the recording Resurrection Blues

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1. Hellbound

If love once passed this way, all the trails are cold
All the colors gone grey, all that’s left is old
All that’s left is old pale traces of tears
And the baying of the hounds in our ears
‘Neath an angry moon they’ll run us aground
Yeah, this love was always hellbound

All the flint and the fire, all those days are gone
All the dreams and desire, all those times are torn
All those times are torn like ribbon from your hair
And I still recall the way you looked up there
Tall and tremblin', runnin’ from the sound
Yeah, this love was always hellbound

All the sulfur and sand, all the magic’s gone
All the smooth sleight of hand, all the spells gone wrong
All the spells gone wrong, but sit a spell and weep
For there’s nothin’ in this world you get to keep
Only fools think they get to own the crown
Yeah, this love was always
This love was always
This love was always hellbound

Ernest Troost: vocals, resonator, tambourine, claps, foot stomps
Rick Smith: harmonica