1. When It's Gone

From the recording O Love

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When It's Gone

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11. When It’s Gone

You say she walked right in, like original sin

And she held a spark beneath your heart

And now you’re in it deep, can’t get no sleep

Well, you can hold on tight or just let go

Well, if you rock this boat, button up your coat

'Cause the winds that blow, blow ill

And when the bleeding subsides and it’s cauterized

There’ll be nothin’ left inside you can feel


Only you can find the place in your heart

Where you know right from wrong

Never overlook the good you have for what might be

'Cause, brother, when it’s gone, it’s gone

Well, you’re inside out, worn down by doubt

You want to scream and shout at the moon

But if you clear your mind, you just might find

That your better self knows just what to do


Ernest Troost, vocals, guitars, pump organ, harmonica, percussion

Dave Stone, upright bass