1. Storm Comin'

From the recording O Love

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Storm Comin'

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9. Storm Comin’

Gonna build me a castle outta mortar and stones

With a big blockade outta mastodon bones

Gonna burrow down deep among the roots and the grubs

Keep my head down with the beetles and the bugs

Gonna build me a fortress outta rock and steel

With doors that bolt and windows that seal

Gonna build me walls 'bout ten foot thick

Outta old car chassis, barbed wire, and brick


Well, the horizon is clear, for as far as the eye can see

But there’s a storm comin’, and she’s gonna make a mess outta me

Gonna build me a levee outta gravel and fill

With a tall watchtower at the top of the hill

Gonna build me a bunker with a big searchlight

Keep my eyes wide open and the hatch locked tight


Ernest Troost, vocals, guitars

Nicole Gordon, harmony vocals

Mark “Pocket” Goldberg, upright bass

Ralph Humphrey, drums