From the recording O Love

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I'll Be Home Soon

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8. I’ll Be Home Soon

Woke up early, rolled out of bed

Got my six string and your smile in my head

And in the dark of the early dawn

The air is cool when I turn the engine on

O baby, I’m gonna be home soon

Outside El Paso, where the brown hills touch the blue

Folks throw their dreams 'cross the river and split their hearts in two

And if I had a nickel for every time I seen

Your reflection in my windshield or TV screen

O baby, I’m gonna be home soon


Life is a mystery, I seen it on a sign

You can stare into infinity and get lost in time

Ain’t no clues in the western sky

The stars blink and blush, but don’t reply

O baby, I’m gonna be home soon

Flat horizon, loneliest I seen

There’s an old scrappy moon, and I’m somewhere in between

Drivin’ hard I can make good time

By morning’s light I’ll cross the county line

O baby, I’m gonna be home soon

I'm gonna be home soon

Ernest Troost, vocals, guitars, pump organ, percussion

Dave Stone, upright bass