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The Last To Leave

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6. The Last to Leave

I keep my eyes open, I try to look both ways

And I try most days to keep my ear to the ground

But I never saw this freight train comin’

I never heard its mournful sound

Well, this was a sweet ride while it lasted

I guess I’ll get past it, I can only try

But since you have gone on that Greyhound to Boston

I’m still kind of lost in the reasons why


My heart, my heart

It’s always the first to believe

And my heart, my heart

It’s always the last to leave

If this love was a party, well, everyone’s gone home

The stereo plays a lone melody

And I’m in the kitchen, I’m sortin’ through empties

Sortin’ through how empty can be



Well, time wore my edges down

And I met a girl from a northern town

And she said, we better take it slow and see

'Cause she knows what you pay to play

And her heart’s made in a special way

Then she turned and whispered to me, she said


Ernest Troost, vocals, guitars, mandolin, percussion

Nicole Gordon, harmony vocals

Dave Stone, upright bass

Charlie Bisharat, fiddle