1. Pray Real Hard

From the recording O Love

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Pray Real Hard

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2. Pray Real Hard

Well, time is short and the nights are long

Times are hard when your money’s gone

When your money’s gone and you’ve got no place to stay

Well, the future looked bright, but it’s already fading away

Well, you can keep good time or let it slide

You can stop time cold or let it ride

You can let it ride 'round and 'round this town

But if you keep it up, babe, you’ll never live it down

Well, time stood still and the moment passed

You’re slow on the trigger, but you’re breathing fast

You’re breathing fast like an engine chuggin’ up a grade

You got to sleep on the floor 'cause that’s the only bed you made

Well, time is a thief and a beggar too

Steal your life before you’re through

Before you’re through with all you have to say

But if you pray real hard, maybe you’ll come back someday

Yeah, if you pray real hard, maybe you'll come back someday

Ernest Troost, vocals, guitar, mandolin, harmonica

Mark “Pocket” Goldberg, electric bass

Steve Mugalian, drums, cajon