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Old Screen Door

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1. Old Screen Door

There was blood on the handrail and some on the floor

This house was my home, but it ain’t no more

Came back for a visit just to see his face

But the room started spinnin’, and I lost my place

You try to hold it in, but it all spilled out

Yeah, it started with a whisper, but it ended with a shout

Daddy caught some lightnin’ bugs in a jar

We let 'em all go while he was lookin’ at the stars

A whiskey ghost rode that Milky Way

Yeah, I remember that night like it was yesterday


The snakes were hissin’ in the hedges

The rats whispered 'neath the floor

And the moon was just watchin’

Through the old screen door

Well, he caught us in the kitchen, me and little Joleen

We held him off for a while, but he was just too mean

A thousand stars hung in that woeful sky

And listened helplessly to a thousand woeful cries


Well, this Louisville slugger, it’s got tape on the grip

Blood poolin’ up, drip, drip, drip

Lightnin’ bugs floatin’ through a haze of gasoline

Now I lay me down to sleep, set my soul free


The fire hisses through the hedges

The flames whisper 'neath the floor

And the moon glows crimson

Through the old screen door

Ernest Troost, vocals, guitars, bass

Ralph Humphrey, drums