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Train to Kokomo

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13. Train to Kokomo

Here come John Henry

He carries his sins ‘round in a sack

And young Eliza

She says she won’t be coming back

Can’t shake this trouble

It follows them everywhere they go

Can’t bear this heartache

You know it pains them so


But they hope to find relief

And they hope to be received

On the train to Kokomo

Here come old T-Bone

He swears he ain’t nobody’s fool

There’s been a mix-up

He’s the exception to the rule

Down at the station

The crowd is packed in toe to toe

While Willie-the-Needle

Pleads that he’s too high to go


And Dog-Faced-Mary

Is selling tickets at the gate

Her final shakedown

Two bits will buy a window seat

And Pastor Jacob

Passes his hat amongst the flow

The blood of angels

He said you reap what you sow