1. The Patriot
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The Patriot

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10. The Patriot

Endless streams of microwaves

Bounce across the room

They’re rattlin’ in the rafters

They’re warmin’ up the tombs

They’re scannin’ all the faces

It might be her or him

That shiver of suspicion

Gets underneath your skin


And the old man seen it all before

Shakes his weary fists at the night

If I had me my thirty-aught-six

I’d shoot me a satellite

They’re riflin’ through your bedroom

In the land of the free and the brave

The fox is in the hen house

And the hero’s in his grave

Shut down all the borders

Antenna all the hills

Trump up all the charges

Empty all the tills


They’ve driven out dissenters

Who were shakin’ out the lies

Covered up all their traces

Smothered all their cries

Secret codes of conduct

Behind curtains of flames

We’re not pawns anymore

I believe we’re runnin’ this game