1. Evangeline
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3. Evangeline

There was blood on his fingers

Mud was caked upon his shoes

When they caught him up near Bakersfield

I heard it on the news

He was tried and convicted

Though he swore that he’d been framed

Folks said things‘d get back to normal now

But I ain’t never been the same

I see faces in the shadows

I hear voices from the dead

I feel an emptiness I can hardly stand

Beside me in my bed

There’s no peace in silence

There’s no comfort in a song

Just a weight that will crush you

If you think on it too long


Evangeline, Evangeline

That poor boy’s not to blame

I put you down in the cold, cold ground

And I bear alone this shame

‘Twas a mist o’er the valley

And a blush upon your cheek

And a line on my brow

For every vow you did not keep

Then the light turned to crimson

Spread like fire across the day

And your lips failed to answer

From the tall grass where you lay


Evangeline, Evangeline

I know what he ain’t done

I put you down in the cold, cold ground

Before your time had come

Now the truth lies in darkness

In the dirt beneath my feet

There are ghosts in this graveyard that

I do not wish to meet

So as the evening sun is setting

And the light begins to dim

I will stand by the lamppost

Till the sun comes up again