Amy and Isabelle (ABC, Oprah Winfrey Presents)

Steve Oxman, Variety

Ernest Troost’s music...works extremely well in counterpoint to the inhibited emotions of the characters.


Calm at Sunset (CBS, Emmy-nominated score)

Don Heckman, Los Angeles Times

To their credit, director of photography Glen MacPherson and executive producer Richard Welsh have given “Calm at Sunset,” which was filmed in Nova Scotia, a superbly authentic look, enriched by Ernest Troost’s lush, atmospheric music score.

Beat (Lions Gate)

Duane Byrge, Hollywood Reporter

 A cup of espresso to Ernest Troost for the film’s jaunty woodwind sounds, giving “Beat” a much needed bounce.

Andrew Keech, Music for the Movies.com

...packed with melody and poignancy. Another demonstration of Ernest Troost's flexibility and diversity.

Randall Larson, Soundtrack Magazine

...another example of Ernest Troost's perceptive handling of filmic subtexts and his ability to reach beneath the surface of a scene and echo musically the sensibilities that lie dormant beneath the surface.

David A. Koran, Soundtrack.net

...Ernest Troost provides a solid musical score that can be easily paired with those of John Williams, Mark Isham, and Michael Nyman for the sure diversity of the elements contained herein.

Beyond the Prairie: The True Story of Laura Ingalls Wilder

Ron Wertheimer, The New York Times

Barry M. Wilson's photography and Ernest Troost's folk-song-inspired music help tell a story that does indeed feel true.

 One Man’s Hero (MGM/ORION)

Kevin Thomas, The Los Angeles Times

 ...with Ernest Troost’s appropriately stirring score’s strong assets,...”One Man’s Hero” has the stuff of a cavalry classic...

Andrew Keech, Music for the Movies.com

...the struggles and actions of the battle cues are treated in a more sensitive and  restrained way than most composers would have chosen, which gives the score a power and majesty that is both moving and highly emotional.  This is a score for those that love epic film music and is a fine example of the art of producing music for film, rather than noise for effect. Highly recommended.

Andreas Lindahl, Score reviews.com

Beautiful string elegies--such as "Marta"--sometimes supported by low tin whistles or Uilleann Pipes, are mixed with more dramatic music...Ending with the absolutely wonderful "Closing,” it all makes for a beautiful and exciting listening.

A Lesson Before Dying (HBO FILMS)

Daily Variety

A special note should be made to Charles C. Bennett's historically accurate and detailed sets as well as Ernest Troost's mood-setting music.

Tremors (Universal)

 Daily Variety

Tech credits are first rate, particularly the sound, creature effects and Ernest Troost’s John Williams inspired score--enough to evoke images of a fin knifing through the desert sand.

Duane Byrge, Hollywood Reporter

Special praise...to composer Ernest Troost for the surging musical score. Troost’s rousing, western-style sounds smartly fit both the film’s geography and its thematic points of horror and comedy.

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