Posted Sky Color Score

I just added this score to my filmscore page here. It was written for "Sky Color," a delightful animated film about creativity. Based on  a picture book by Peter Reynolds. Scored for clarinet, bassoon, piano, harp, percussion, and strings…

Chicago Trip and Performance on FOLKSTAGE & WEFT

Had a great time in Chicago playing Rich Warren's FolkStage show. What a great host and audience to play for! Broadcasted and archived on WFMT. I also so enjoyed my visited with host Kevin Elliott at KEFT radio in Champaign…

Great bay area tour!

We had a great mini tour in the bay area. I played some shows, did some radio performances and made lots of new friends. We had a few days off to visit Sonoma, where we came upon this little tavern.


O LOVE gets great review in Blues Matters,UK



Travelin’ Shoes Records

Ernest Troost gained most notoriety as an Emmy nominated song composer for films but more recently has concentrated on a solo career. He has brought out three previous solo release also soundtracks previous…