Performing in Colfax and Nevada City, CA.


This weekend I was up in the Colfax, Nevada City area for some radio show interviews and a performance at Evangeline’s Cafe. Saturday morning I played live on Larry Hillberg’s radio show, “Back Roads” on KVMR. Larry has become a good friend and it’s always fun to be on his show. He has lots of colorful stories about the mining and railroading history of the area and this year he told us about the Chinese workers cutting the treacherous Cape Horn grade for the transcontinental railroad—there might be a song in there. At 2:00 I appeared again on KVMR on Wesley Robertson’s show “Rockin’ and Stompin’.” This was my first time meeting Wes and he had great questions and real enthusiasm for roots music.

Saturday evening I played at the always special, Evangeline’s Café. This is one of my favorite venues. Evangeline is a great host and the music fans that come to the show are her friends and neighbors, so there’s a warm family-like feel to the evening. Some of the audience had been to my show here last year and it was great to see them.



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