Ernest Troost Live at McCabe’s Album in the works


I just heard one tune, “Travelin’ Shoes,” from the upcoming “Ernest Troost Live at McCabe’s album.” It was pretty cool to hear. Dennis Reed, who is doing the mastering is doing an amazing job on this one. Wayne Griffith, the soundman at McCabe’s did a great recording and hopefully, the CD will include the whole January 8th, 2011 evening of fifteen songs. Playing with me are amazing musicians, Nicole Gordon, Mark “Pocket” Goldberg, Dave Fraser, and Debra Dobkin. I can’t wait to hear the whole thing put together.


Right now I’m working round the clock on a TV movie starring Ronnie Cox. A lot of the music is guitar based and I’m having a great time writing and playing it. It’s a lot of music, but it will all be done by the end of the month—deadlines have a way of inspiring.



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